About Us

DreamPunkPress (aka DPP) is a cooperative that is geographically centered in the tidewater area of Virginia. The founding members, Tara and Caitlin, have been working on this business for almost two years and are hoping to find people interested in publishing their books with us. We can often be found at local conventions and events and sometimes we even talk to people - don't count on it, we are very shy for those of the 'author' sort.

Caitlin has recently finished highschool and is trying to promote the cooperative and it's authors and members over the summer. She often asserts, "It's my job to get us noticed; not necessarily to make them like us." She starts University this fall but plans to continue her efforts through out the year.

Tara is a professional editor and works on personal projects, manuscripts, and documents. She enjoys working with people to make their writing better and takes many classes to broaden her knowledge on promotion, selling products, and helping people ease into the formal processes of book publishing if they so choose. She does this through no official affliation to a formal editor, publisher, or agent.

All members of DPP are welcome to gain a fanbase through the cooperative before moving into the formal processes of book publishing. We are almost like 'Self-Publishing Together' but we are a publisher. We allow you to be included in the entire process and learn the ins and outs of publishing before you attempt to understand the phantom art that those in the formal book publishing rings use.

For more information, contact us on Facebook, the Contact Us Page, or through our emails. dreamer-in-cheif or mkia @dreampunkpress.com.

Happy Writing!