The Shadows of Tharsia

The Shadows of Tharsia, Book One of The Shadows Series... Tonbo, Westley, Yahei, Otaka and John Bottom meet their destiny when a mysterious woman in robes confronts them. Her name is Koi. She is from Tharsia, a land that is cursed in darkness under the reign of a trio of evil lords. She has been sent to bring these five heroes back to Tharsia in the hopes that a prophecy will be fulfilled and the land can return to its once peaceful existence. But, as one hero falls, and a new villain arises in their midst, can the prophecy still be brought to fruition? Friendship is lost, loyalty betrayed, love is shattered and hope is gone. Can even these heroes redeem a land that is determined to destroy itself? The Shadows of Tharsia is a tale that combines the loss of war, the heartbreak of love, the power of evil, the strength of good, the determination of few and the redemption of one to take you on the ride of your life in a land not far from your own.

Coming January 2018!

Book cover of moon phases superimposed with howling wolf silhouette. 




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