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Ms Knowitall - Author, Artist


Ms Knowitall is the penname of a 17-year-old author/artist.  
It looks like she will be starting at Old Dominion University this fall studying Communications and Applied Mathematics.

Sometimes Kat, Sometimes Kev was her first novella and she is currently working on two others.

She enjoys reading books that have a female heroine.  She enjoys curling up with a good quest hero novel and letting the day float by in peace while a war rages on in the pages held in her palms.

When writing, her works lean toward science fiction or fantasy and often have strong feminine voices.

When she is older she plans to travel, and possibly settle in Canada or the UK; she thinks that she'll be more at home there.

She has special spots in her heart for Supernatural, Doctor Who, Avengers, Star Trek, Sherlock, Elementary, Suits, Bones, Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, and many, many others.  She didn't pick the fandom life... the fandom life grabbed her hand and whispered run, told her to meet her at 221B Baker Street if convenient and if inconvenient come anyway, and looked her in the eye and said, "You aren't a mundane."


Free Unedited Flash Fic for Valentines Day 2014:  She.pdf

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