Our Authors

E. G. Gaddess - YA author

E. G. lives in Norfolk, Virginia with her husband, daughter, and (with a recent addition) two cats.  Her first novel, Dhampyr Heritage was published by DreamPunk Press in April 2012.  You can follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/eggaddess


T. L. Frye - Children/YA fantasy author

T. L. Frye's first fantasy novel was published by DreamPunk Press in February 2013.  She lives in the Hampton Roads area with her family, and loves all things dragon.  The second book in the trilogy is written, and has started the production process.  Look for it soon!  For (infrequent) updates, follow her on Facebook.

Tara Moeller - Author

Tara Moeller is a founding member of DreamPunk Press, and has published two novellas; a full-length novel is nearing completion.  Look for it here in early 2018!  Tara is also the editor of the anthology, Go Ahead and howl: Werewolf Stories, published by DreamPunk Press as a fundraiser for the Marscon official charity, Heritage Humane Society of Williamsburg, VA. She tries to maintain a blog at http://www.taramoeller.com, and is on Twitter @taramoeller69.

Morven Moeller - Author

Morven Moeller is a founding member of DreamPunk Press, and also writes as Ms.Knowitall. Having recently graduated university, their writing has matured, and they now write for an older audience.  You can follow Morven on Facebook, via their author page on Amazon, or on Patreon.

Nyall Robert Frye - Author

Nyall Robert Frye was born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada - a true Maritimer - but lives and works in Europe (the Slovak Republic and now Copenhagen). He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Anthropology from St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Nyall has also published a variety of short work, available from Amazon. You can follow him on Amazon or on Twitter @NyallFrye.

Mx. Knowitall - YA Author

Mx. Knowitall started writing at a young age, and their first novel, Sometimes Kat, Sometimes Kev, was published when they were in their early teens (using Ms. instead of Mx.). Subsequent books followed, along with a lot of school, and then university, where their writing time diminished. Mx. Knowitall, now a college graduate, is writing again, but under their name, Morven Moeller, as their mum no longer feels it necessary to mask them behind a pen name.  

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