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The Sacrifice

On an island - somewhere, in some time past or future - the gods control the lives of the people. These gods demand a sacrifice, and the people gladly provide one to stay safe. But the gods are playing games - or is it only the priests and priestesses? A young potential tests to be the sacrifice, but her goddess has her own plan, and Maya is but a willing pawn.

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The Desolation of Fog

After a crash, Del wakes up in a fog, lost and confused. Led out of the fog, she finds an odd world, inhabited by folks who died at all different times, and who seem content with their current state of being. But all is not as it seems, and, for Del, contentment is elusive. A journey is before her - but where will it lead? Del makes a choice to follow a different path. Is she being led astray? And can she get back on the track in time?

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