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Fangirl Essentials 

(I wrote this while voiceless.  I've had a lot of time.  I started to 
think about the amount of time I spend squeeing which I can't do with
a hurting throat. Oh well, something productive came from it.)

Having been a fangirl - fanwoman, fanlady, fantrans, what-have-you
- I have some basic tips or hints for the kinds of things you should
have on your person at all times; let alone at conventions 1.) Your Inhaler. "My what?" Your inhaler. "Pfft, I don't need one of those."
Your INHALER, and yes you do.
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I'm like a squirrel 

Can you believe that I haven't made a post here in almost a year?  AHHHHHHHHH!  This is crazy.  I have to become interesting and type things on a regular basis and all this stuff...

I don't know anything.  Give me a few days.  Maybe I'll have something together from the TEDxHRVA that I went to.  Maybe I'll talk about Jameson Durgan or something cool like that.  Just, wait... a... little... longer...

School Looms 

I always find it funny that schools explain all of the classics and have students read books that they have picked hoping to broaden their views of the world and their love of books; when in reality, it only makes children rebel against the idea of books in general.  

This year I've had to read A Doll's House, Niels Klim's Journey Under the Ground, and The Metamorphosis.  Don't get me wrong, it is great to read classics and to understand where modern literature came from and how the world has changed both…

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