Fangirl Essentials

(I wrote this while voiceless.  I've had a lot of time.  I started to 
think about the amount of time I spend squeeing which I can't do with
a hurting throat. Oh well, something productive came from it.)

Having been a fangirl - fanwoman, fanlady, fantrans, what-have-you
- I have some basic tips or hints for the kinds of things you should
have on your person at all times; let alone at conventions. 1.) Your Inhaler. "My what?" Your inhaler. "Pfft, I don't need one of those."
Your INHALER, and yes you do. Whether your inhaler has been getting dusty over the past few years sitting in your top drawer or still has traces of wet saliva from the last time you used it, bring it along. You never know when a squee-spasm will turn into an asthma attack. Also, make sure that someone else knows where it is and is comfortable getting it for you; so don't go with your father-in-law and have it shoved down your bra. 2.) Camera. "Well duh, I always have my camera." Do you use it? "Uh... Wait, say that again?" Your camera, do you use it? "Well, you see..." No! No excuses! Even if you don't see your fictional hubby and you don't see your favorite muscle man or cosplayer, take pictures of you having fun, of your friends - and even if you don't have 'friends' it's okay take pictures with interesting people (Note: Most people are vain enough to have their picture taken). You want people to enjoy the world you do; so, share it! 3.) Money. "Hahahahahahahahaha..." What? "Hahahahahahaha..." Really, what? "I'm a fangirl; I don't have money." Well, you don't necessarily need a lot- "Hahahahahahahahaha..." Whatever. Money, even in small doses, may come in handy for a fangirl. I think a story should suffice in a good reason to carry money. I was in D.C . one day with my aunt and there was a street artisan who was drawing caricatures. I recognized two of the samples as people from my fandoms - I think they were Temperance Brennan and Sam Winchester, I think. I really loved them; so, I did what any fangirl would do; I fapped. The woman offered me a caricature, for the base price, of me and the two of them; but, I HAD NO MONEY! Ahhhhhh! And my aunt only had her credit cards. On the way back I had money but the artisan had packed up for the day... I was a little p*ssed, mostly at myself. Anyway, bring money, fangirls! 4.) Lastly, bring your Fandom. "What the hell? Of course I bring my fandom, it's right here (taps on chest with both emphasis and dramatic flair)." Yes, I know; but, you need to let it show. Don't be afraid to be your fandom. "But... (holds chest protective as a mother fan-bear-dinosaur)... My fandom." It's okay; but, you'll never meet others in your fandom if you don't hint at it. "Isn't that what the internet is for?" Yes, but I'm talking about real people. Story time. I went to the local college library for a huge report that's due date was fast approaching. I debated my choice of clothing, I mean, they were big, bad, cool college students and I was a measly high school senior. Somehow I ended up in a Doctor Who Tshirt. There was a Doctor Who club meeting in the library that day! I was so surprised and they even asked me to stay. I couldn't because I had a major research paper due the next day (Hahahahaha, procrastination); oh well. Finis

(I should probably get back to my actual book. But as said above... Procrastination!)

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